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{ Monthly Archives } October 2007

Visual Display of Operations Research Data/Algorithms/Solutions

When I was a doctoral student (20 years ago!), my adviser John Bartholdi introduced me to Edward Tufte’s Visual Display of Quantitative Information, perhaps hoping that my dissertation would be a model of appealing, provocative display. I am afraid I disappointed him: just like every other doctoral student, my dissertation contained great vomits of tables […]

Better Models or Better Data

In Greg Mankiw’s economics blog, he excerpts from a review of Alan Greenspan’s new book: Michael Kinsley reviews Alan Greenspan’s book (which I have not yet read). This passage from the review caught my eye: You gotta love a guy whose idea of an important life lesson is: “I have always argued that an up-to-date […]

Playing “Pass the Kidney”

Kidneys are unusual organs. We are given two, though we can get by with one. So, unlike the heart, say, we each have a “spare” that we can donate to others. There are some altruistic sorts who will donate a kidney to a stranger, but, for most of us, we need a really good reason […]

Sports Scheduling and Rubik’s Cube

The October 6, 2007 edition of The Spectator (an English weekly with a right-of-center, Olde England bias but wonderful cartoons, chess column, and commentary once the bias is accounted for) contains a “review” of a book The Blind Eye: A Book of Late Advice by the poet Don Paterson (I don’t think the book is […]

My Jealousy Knows No Bounds (Quantum or Otherwise)

I’ll say it straight out:  I am really jealous of Scott Aaronson, author of the Shtetl-Optimized blog. First, he has an audience that provides hundreds of comments to his blog entries and visibility sufficient to be picked up by MIT Technology Review,  albeit with mixed results.   Second, he writes at length in an interesting and […]

Death of Lloyd Clarke

Lloyd Clarke of ILOG, who most of us in the linear/integer programming community knew, was killed last week in a bicycling accident. From the ILOG announcement: Lloyd was an active member of the INFORMS community, serving on the advisory council for several INFORMS Practice meetings, and as the industry liaison and practitioner program chair for […]