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{ Monthly Archives } November 2007


I’m not at this year’s INFORMS meeting.  No, it is not because I am in a snit because it looks like Seattle is going to beat the attendance record Pittsburgh set last year (I predicted it, and predict that Washington will set a new record next year that will take a few years to break).  […]


2nd International Workshop on Computational Social Choice Liverpool

New CPLEX out

I got an email last week from a PR firm asking whether I would be willing to talk to some ILOG people about the upcoming release of CPLEX 11. Made me feel like a real journalist! Since I am unfortunately missing the Seattle INFORMS (the 12 hour flights from Auckland to LA are killing!), I […]

Aurelie Thiele on Operations Research

Aurelie Thiele of Lehigh has a wide-ranging blog on “Thoughts on business, engineering and higher education”. Many of her posts are on operations research. I particularly liked her thoughtful piece on the role operations research plays in the Grand Challenges in Engineering. The leadership of INFORMS put together a white paper on the subject, which […]