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{ Monthly Archives } March 2008

Poker and Operations Research

I just attended a fantastic talk by Michael Bowling of the University of Alberta entitled “AI After Dark: Computers Playing Poker” where he described work by the U of A Computer Poker Research Group. Like most artificial intelligence research (particularly in games), there is no veneer of trying to mimic the human brain in this […]

Get your registration in for the INFORMS Practice Meeting

I really like the INFORMS Practice Meeting.  It is much different than the regular INFORMS conference.  The key difference is that not everyone speaks.  At regular INFORMS (or EURO or IFORS), practically everyone there will give a 20-25 minute talk on their own research.  At the Practice Meeting, speakers are carefully selected in order to […]

In Praise of a … Yankee?

Since I live in Pittsburgh and attend many Pittsburgh Pirate baseball games, it is tough to be very positive about the Yankees. For European readers, it is kinda like a Barça fan saying something nice about Real Madrid. But I have a new favorite player: Russ Ohlendorf, relief pitcher for the Yankees! Why is he […]

INFORMS Practice

Baltimore, Maryland

Gene Woolsey and Consulting in Operations Research

Gene Woolsey is one of my favorite people in OR, though I have met him just a couple of times. Gene has very strong views on how OR should be taught, and he implements them at the Colorado School of Mines. A key aspect of his approach is that OR is about doing and solving […]