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{ Monthly Archives } April 2009

NSF on Twitter

Following up on my issues with twitter, (like why?), the National Science Foundation has its own twitter account.  What a great way to get word out about all the great stuff the NSF does!  This is something professional societies (like INFORMS) should emulate.  I don’t think my own life is interesting enough for an hour […]

Are USENET groups irrelevant?

Long before the web, there was Usenet, an internationally distributed discussion system.  Through Usenet, people could discuss topics of interest, with topics  organized in a shallow tree structure.  In the pre-web days, it was exciting to talk to people around the world, back at a time where even having an email address was not to […]

Still time for the Practice Meeting

Considering the INFORMS Practice Meeting, but figured it was too late to get into the hotel?  The special rate on the hotel has been extended until April 10, so you have a couple more days.  Of course, you can always listen to me explain why you should attend!

Time for Baseball

The baseball season started a few minutes ago with Atlanta playing Philadelphia.  I’ve been working with Major League Baseball for more than a dozen years, and my (along with partners, of course) company, The Sports Scheduling Group, produces the schedules for MLB (our chief scheduler Kelly Easton does all the hard work, but I do […]