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{ Monthly Archives } November 2009


Computational Social Choice Dusseldorf Germany September 13-16, 2010

Comment Spam

Brian Hayes, author of American Scientist‘s computing science column and author of the bit-player blog, has a very nice article on issues with spam in the comments of his blog.  My blog is nowhere near as popular as Brian’s, but I too attract a reasonable amount of spam.  Some spam is easy:  autogenerated, lots of […]

Without Operations Research, Gridlock!

In many applications, it can be difficult to measure the effect of an operations research project.  For instance, my colleagues and I provide schedules for Major League Baseball.  What is the value added by the operations research we do?  MLB doesn’t have the time, energy or money to handle multiple schedulers in parallel:  they decided […]

Open Source = Geek?

The parent of has decided to become Geeknet, Inc (how much did they have to pay for, I wonder). I have mixed feelings on this.  On one hand, I am trying to learn from Wil Wheaton and embrace my inner geek.  I have done this so well that my colleagues tell me my […]