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{ Monthly Archives } October 2009

Congratulations to Tom Magnanti

Tom Magnanti has been appointed President of the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore’s so-called “fourth university”.  Tom, of course, is one of the preeminent researchers and administrators in operations research.  He has written lots of influential papers and books.  His book with Bradly and Hax on Applied Mathematical Programming had a huge effect […]

Russell Ackoff passed away

Russell Lincoln Ackoff passed away October 29, 2009.  Ackoff was one of the most controversial researchers in operations research.  A prolific writer, his early work was pure operations research, as it was understood in the early 1960s.  Ackoff was an early (1956-57) president of the Operations Research Society of America (ORSA, a forerunner of INFORMS) […]

Algorithmic Voting Theory, Venice, and a Talk on Old/New Papers

I just got back from Venice, where I attended a conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory.  This is a new conference series (optimistically numbered the first conference, implying at least a second) revolving around issues in uncertainty in decision making, preference solicitation, learning and other issues.  From the conference web page: A new unique event aiming […]

Hey Buddy, Can I Sell You an NP Hard Problem?

In keeping with issues of economics and computational power, there is a very neat paper out of Princeton by Arora, Barak, Brunnermeier, and Ge entitled “Computational Complexity and Information Asymmetry in Financial Products“.  Can you embed an NP-hard problem into the pricing problem for a financial instrument?  As the authors point out, the answer is […]

INFORMS Fellows Luncheon

From the INFORMS Blog: I just got back from the Fellows Luncheon.  The INFORMS Fellows are recognized for having made significant contributions to the field of operations research and the management sciences (be it in research, practice, service, administration, or education).  It is an extremely impressive group, and I very much enjoy the lunch, since […]

Modeling as a Teachable Skill

New post on the INFORMS Blog on a panel discussion I attended on how to teach modeling: I just attended a nice “panel discussion” on Teaching the Art of Modeling, put together by Jim Orlin (MIT), Stephen Powell and Rob Shumsky (both from Dartmouth).  This was not your normal INFORMS session!  The panelists decided to […]

Moving on to San Diego (both my blog and I)

I’ll be guest blogging at the INFORMS Conference in San Diego, so I’ll be posting over there for the next few days. There are 12 guest bloggers, so the conference should get some pretty good coverage.  I’ve got a news feed on my main page sidebar trying to track the blog, twitter feed, hash tags, […]

Solver Foundation Version 2 Announced

Just in time for the INFORMS Meeting in San Diego, the Microsoft Solver Foundation folks have announced Solver Foundation Version 2. I am particularly excited about this since I have promised (and have been negligent about) a new course this year entitled “Operations Research Implementations” aimed at our MBA students. The idea is to go […]

P=NP in the New York Times

The New York Times has a nice article on the recent Communications of the ACM article on P=NP (article at author Lance Fortnow’s site). I had read Fortnow’s article last month, and really liked it. In fact, I am surprised I didn’t blog it: I guess I was too busy worrying about false proofs of […]

Gurobi 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of the Gurobi Optimizer has been released. Since it was only about a year ago that I first blogged about Gurobi, it has moved along very quickly. The “horse race” between Gurobi, IBM, and FICO doesn’t have a simple answer, but it is clear that Gurobi is competitive with the other two solvers, […]